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    of paper and things: studley tool chest.

  • Kathy Horstman

    Vintage tool chest - DIYDiva

  • Lindsay Stribling

    Beautiful. "serious tool chest! This man took years building this chest.....he was a carpenter and machinist....from details you can see he was a Free Mason."

  • Cameron Craig

    Ahhhh! I'm repinning my own repin because it is that freaking amazing! This is seriously my dream tool kit! Why don't they make stuff like this anymore!? - This tool chest was designed in the late 1800s by Henry O. Studley, a piano maker and mason from Massachusetts. The wall-mounted piece holds 300 tools yet takes up only about 40 inches by 20 inches of wall space when closed.

  • Kathleen Daly

    The 19th Century tool chest of piano maker, master carpenter, and free & accepted mason Henry Studley (via Fine Woodworking Magazine by way of Stephen Ellcock )

  • Jigsaw Renaissance

    "steampunk" style antique tool chest

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