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  • Olivia

    You are officially a geek when you think Spock is as hot as Kirk!

  • Cailin Jewell

    ugh zachary quinto, so sexy. but loves men. :(

  • Robin Ashley

    Zachary Quinto: Spock from Star Trek (2009) Yes please!

  • Daily Hot Guy

    LOVE - nothing sexier than a man looking at you like this... #zacharyquinto #spock #NIN #letsdothis

  • Brittney Day

    Zachary Quinto: Spock from Star Trek. OMG SO SEXY!!

  • Hannah Swope

    People see Zachary Quinto and Spock I see Syler from Heros

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Zachary Quinto - would love to just spend hours making out with him.....sigh!

Zachary Qunito. I keep bouncing back and forth between him being Sylar and Spock...

I loved him before he was Spock. I loved him when he was Syler ❤

Zachary Quinto- I still don't know it I thinks his hot because he played Spock!

I'd totally be a Vulcan anyway. My logic brings all the Vulcan males to the yard and they're like, "I believe our arrival appropriately shows our interest in what you have to offer reproductively."

Zachary Quinto❤ I adore him as Spock in Star Trek!! He is just so adorable when he gets transformed into Spock!!! :)

Zachary Quinto...drown me in those eyebrows please.

Zachary Quinto Brenda Garza I still have the little note u wrote to me one time when y'all made fun of me for liking this guy lol😜

There are no shirtless pictures of zachary quinto on pinterest. This is the closest I could find. A LITTLE offended..

Spock by Zachary Quinto. His young version is tempestuous beneath the icy exterior.