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    Cute Tattoo Ideas For Cuople

  • Ali Brady

    i love the idea of matching friendship tattoos. It's finding one who's brave enough that's the problem=/

  • Angela Reese

    For the ring finger? Infinity tattoos on the inside of the pinky with your best friend as a "pinky promise" to be friends forever...

  • Kayla Hansen

    cute best friend tattoo. best friends forever "pinky promise"

  • Nicole Bradley

    infinity tattoo on the inside of your pinky finger with your best friend as a pinky promise to be best friends forever. small & cute.

Related Pins this idea to incorporate the infinity symbol...have been looking for quite some time for this!

I guess it says to infinity and beyond. i like the tat but would want some different words under it.

pinkie promise.. or get it on your wedding ring finger

because when I am in the kitchen I can’t wear a ring

"Promise" Quote Tattoo For Cute Girls - Tattoo - Cute: Black words tattoos for girl by Quote Tattoos

Love it. The infinity sign is perfect. Maybe add a quote in it? It also needs to be smaller.

This might have to be my first tattoo. But with the girls names instead of 'life' and 'love'. With two feathers of course!