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      The top-secret PRISM program allows the U.S. intelligence community to gain access from nine Internet companies to a wide range of digital information, including e-mails and stored data, on foreign targets operating outside the United States. The program is court-approved but does not require individual warrants. Instead, it operates under a broader authorization from federal judges who oversee the use of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).

    • Vicki

      Senate Staffers Told To Pretend Top Secret Documents Are Not Widely Available On Web

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    Andrée Geulen. Belgium. The Belgian teacher who became the rescuer of hundreds of children ~ Link for her story of bravery.

    This year marks the 75th anniversary of the Katyn crime. In April 1940, on the orders of Stalin, NKVD murdered about 22,000 Polish soldiers mainly officers, policemen and intellectuals. All of them died from a shot in the back of the head, their hands were tied, their bodies were buried in mass graves in the vicinity of, inter alia, Kharkov and Smolensk. Over the years, the Soviet Union tried to conceal his responsibility for this terrible crime, blaming the Germans who discovered the graves.

    Nicknamed the Beautiful Beast. Irma Grese was a concentration camp guard and one of the few women to be called to account for her crimes. She was hanged in 1945 at the age of 22.

    The Face of Genocide In April 1945, Canadians accompanying British forces in Germany entered the Nazi concentration camp at Bergen-Belsen. Sickened and horrified by the atrocities they witnessed, these Canadians made a visual record on film and on paper of the war's tragic victims. Note the writing on the back of this photo, which reads: "May we never forget and never let it happen again".

    This photo, one of the most widely distributed after the war, shows a German soldier shooting a Ukrainian Jew during a mass execution in Vinnytsia, Ukraine, sometime between 1941 and 1943. This image is titled "The last Jew in Vinnitsa", the text that was written on the back of the photograph, which was found in a photo album belonging to a German soldier. The German is no more than 20 years old. The youth in the black uniform in the background is no more than 16.

    Roma in Belzec , gypsies also victims of the holocaust

    Kristallnacht - "Night of Broken Glass" | Jewish Virtual Library

    A Little Reality: Five Infamous Days of WWII Worse Than Pearl Harbor

    Survivopedia EPA land grab

    Gun control

    This Little Girl Is Living in Jail Because Her Mom Is Christian…and Proud of It! | Jesus Daily

    Chocktaw code talkers I'm a history buff but I had no idea the Chochtaw did this during WWI


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