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    Dakota Goyo



    Dakota Goyo - Max from Real Steel & Young Thor from THOR. He's so cute :)

    He patted her hand. "I'll be right back." He left the room & approached her doctor. "I was wondering if it would be ok if I took her to my house & watched her for a day or so?" Max asked. The doctor looked grave. "Erica won't last much longer. We're going to release her to her brother to take care of her." Max stared. "How long does she have!?" "A week or 2 at best." The doctor replied as he turned & walked away. Max stared at the man's back, then the door to her room.

    Dakota Goyo

    Dakota goyo

    That Saturday finally came. Max & Lucas came to pick her up. She smiled as she locked the door behind her & found Max waiting by the fountain in the apartment's courtyard. "What happened to Wolverine?" She teased. "I told him to stay away from you." He smiled back. He got up & walked her to the car. She smiled at him as he shut her in. He lingered there for a moment. He looked as happy as she felt.

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    Chris Hemsworth as Thor.


    Chris Hemsworth


    Chris Hemsworth on the set of Thor: The Dark World, November 12th



    Who's Hotter? The Ultimate Thor/Loki Showdown.... Some really nice pics in there :-D Nomnomnommm and also the chains the chains work very well 😉

    "Is this how you are going to propose?" She stared in shock & uncertainty. "I'll do it!" Lucas jumped in as he knelt down on one knee in front of her. "Will you please be my Mom?" He asked. Erica snickered. "Oh, Lucas!" Max laughed. "She's right, Lucas. She deserves more, I'm just out of practice with women. May I take you out to lunch tomorrow?" "Yes." She smiled.

    Erica smiled when Lucas came back from hanging out with Caleb. "Did you have fun? What did you do?" She asked in excitement. Lucas shrugged as he sunk back into his previous mood. "Hey let's go unpack your clothes." She suggested. "We want you to feel comfortable! This is your new home after all!" She smiled. He hung his head & followed her into their room.