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The people walking around inside the building were staring in fear at the man. Erica knew she had to get them out. "Sir, would you like to have a seat while you wait?" She asked. "How can I make you comfortable? Would you like some water?" "What? What are you talking about?" He asked in anger as he rushed around the desk toward her. Erica slid farther away from the desk. She looked to the crowds frozen in fear & waved them towards the door, they fled.

That Saturday finally came. Max & Lucas came to pick her up. She smiled as she locked the door behind her & found Max waiting by the fountain in the apartment's courtyard. "What happened to Wolverine?" She teased. "I told him to stay away from you." He smiled back. He got up & walked her to the car. She smiled at him as he shut her in. He lingered there for a moment. He looked as happy as she felt.

"What's taking Erica so long?" Justin mumbled impatiently. He had gone along with her going in first because she was quiet & small so she could slip in & out unseen. But she had been gone too long & Justin was getting worried & impatient.

Erica went home happy after everything was settled between Max & Caleb. She was actually getting married & the thought sent chills of excitement down her spine. As she was brushing her teeth before bed her hand cramped. She threw the toothbrush across the room in surprise & stared at her hand; it was purple & blue under the skin. She coughed out the toothpaste & stared at the sink; blood turned the paste red as it dripped from her lip. She went to her doctor the next day.

A week later Erica woke up without pain. She sat up in bed feeling normal. Slowly she got out of bed & began to walk around the room. She felt fine, like she hadn't felt in so long. She got so excited she quickly dressed & ran out into the main room. She realized it was Saturday so the boys were still asleep. So she slipped out the door to see her doctor.

"Is this how you are going to propose?" She stared in shock & uncertainty. "I'll do it!" Lucas jumped in as he knelt down on one knee in front of her. "Will you please be my Mom?" He asked. Erica snickered. "Oh, Lucas!" Max laughed. "She's right, Lucas. She deserves more, I'm just out of practice with women. May I take you out to lunch tomorrow?" "Yes." She smiled.

Erica smiled when Lucas came back from hanging out with Caleb. "Did you have fun? What did you do?" She asked in excitement. Lucas shrugged as he sunk back into his previous mood. "Hey let's go unpack your clothes." She suggested. "We want you to feel comfortable! This is your new home after all!" She smiled. He hung his head & followed her into their room.

"Lucas, let's go look you're father up on the computer." Erica said one day. He looked up from the TV. "Do you want to look?" She asked. Lucas got up & locked himself in her room. Erica knocked on the door. "Lucas, I'm going to find you're father for you. If you need anything Caleb is next door I'm going to look some things up." She said through the door. Hours later she came back empty handed & frustrated.