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Dakota Goyo in Dark Skies Movie (2013)

The only distraction from his aching muscles and scratched hands was the feeling in his lungs like fire as he tried to get enough oxygen through the mask they made him wear. His head spun with the concentration needed for balance and the effort of translating the English the man was speaking. "A sniper must be prepared to stay in any position for any amount of time," he said, walking in circles around the rock Nikita was precariously balanced on. "Your target will not always be on time," (Keep it clean. I'm the boy)

"Do you like your new jacket?" Erica asked. "Yeah, it reminds me of my dad." Lucas replied genuinely smiling for the first time. "You love your dad, huh Lucas? What's his name?" She asked. Lucas' face drooped. "Tell me, you love him. It will help...I lost my parents too." She smiled crookedly as she rubbed his arm with her hand. He bit his lip & forced a smile. "I miss him, so much."

Dakota Goyo. He was in Real Steel. When I watched it for the first time I didn't care how cute he was. But the second time I watched it I just came out of a bad obsession with Asa Butterfield. He is 3 months younger than me and 2-3 inches shorter. March 2014-May 2014. (Over him.might snap back to him if I'm looking for a new obsession)

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I love this scene, also when he dances with Atom infront if everyone at the arena, it is, it makes me melt.

"Where are mom and dad?" Owen asked, looking up at the tall police officer, then back to the face of his grandfather. "What happened?" The officer crouched down so he was at Owen's height and sighed. "I'm sorry, son. There was a fire..."