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    Zac Efron + the fluffiest kitten EVER.

    Ansel Elgort, John Green, and Ed Sheeran. I am SO EXCITED FOR THIS MOVIE AND ED'S INVOLVEMENT WITH IT.

    James McAvoy. Delish.

    Caleb took Lucas aside & knelt down next to him. "Since you're taking my sister away from me you have to take care of her for me." He played trying to look serious. Lucas' face turned determined. "Forever." He replied. Caleb grinned & pulled Lucas in for a hug. "You can still come over & play video games any time." He smiled. "Only if you come visit all the time." Lucas smirked. Caleb ruffled his hair. "You bet, stinker!"

    nicholas hoult - warm bodies i remember when he was in 'About a Boy' .... did NOT look like this...

    Ariana Grande

    Logan Lerman

    Meet Chris Evans, a friend of Chris Hemsworth's and Sam's. They all met on the set of The Avengers. He is a groomsmen.

    Johnny Depp

    The Fannings, Dakota Fanning, Elle Fanning. #DakotaFanning #ElleFanning #celebrities #photography

    Dakota Goyo

    Max was speechless. "I'll do it!" Lucas volunteered as he rushed to help her. Max walked away blushing as he went to go get dressed. When he came back Lucas was finished. "Alright, now you get ready." He ordered. "Yes, dad." Lucas smiled as he set the hairbrush down & ran out of the room. Max & Erica smiled at each other. "You're too well dressed! I'm going to look grungy." Erica's nose wrinkled. "You could never look grungy. Besides, I wanted to dress up for you." He smiled.

    Zac Efron has come a long way since High School Musical :P

    He's the best young actor I've seen so far, Dakota Goyo

    holy dang. it's Dylan O'Brien.

    Evan Peters

    Chris Evans

    Dakota Goyo

    Mila Kunis ♥