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Mini glow-in-the-dark jars

Glow in the dark bubbles This will be expected in our next camping trip! | campinglivezcampinglivez

Kid safe glow in the dark glitter jars. These jars are glow stick free since we used a special ingredient found at the craft store. Hint: it's not glow in the dark paint =)

Recycle Reuse Renew Mother Earth Projects: How to make Glowing Celestial Mason jars

Glow in the Dark Party Ideas for Teenagers | From Our Hearts to your Home » GLOWING CELESTIAL MASON JARS

MOD PODGE - Homemade Mix 50% Elmer's glue and 50% water in a jar. Wish I would have known about this. Mod Podge isn't cheap!

Make solar garden lights! Find a glass jar, paint the inside with Elmer glue tinted the color you want and then go to the DOLLAR TREE and buy a solar light. Wala! Outdoor lights for nearly nothing!

Create glow-in-the-dark jars for your outdoor space.

Jars glowing in the dark

How to drill a hole in a jar and put lights in it.--Good to know for those wine bottles and mason jars

How To Make Your Own - DIY Glow In The Dark Paint i wonder if you could paint stepping stones so the glowed at night

Awesome glow in the dark paint

How To Make Chalkboard Labels -I'm in love with this idea. Using it for canisters/ ball jars.

Glittered jars

So Easy!!! Take any printable you want and make a jar label!

I wanna do this for yard art next year!(: "Paint little dots on the inside of a jar with glow-in-the-dark paint. (I might do a glitter wash on the interior or exterior, first, to make this pretty in daylight, too. It would be really cool to place the silhouette of a fairy, unicorn, or other whimsical creature on the outside of the jar.)"

Glowing Jar -- wash a jar, paint small dots on the inside with glow-in-the-dark paint, "charge" in a sunny window.