LOVE daisies!

My Cosmos by Fabienne Lin via flickr

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Giant Sunflowers which grow about 5 1/2 ft. Taller than me! ... @Libby Burrell

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Pink Sunflower My favorite flower, in a beautiful color.

I like this water drop picture because How the water is dropped on the flower. Waterdrops

Peonies + stripes.

My camera and I? We're dreaming of shooting some pretty awesome sights this Summer - with some gorgeous sunlight.


All the Rest. dandelions. Samantha Lamb photography.


Poppies in Provence, France


Love the delicate color of these pale yellow- green flowers.

Poppy Field at sunset. Poppies thrive in well-drained soil, and grow best from seeds.

"Rosita" - Super shot of flower #pink #orange #palette - Carefully selected by GORGONIA www.gorgonia.it

♔ Sun