Old book spines glued to a box. Great idea for a hidden bookshelf storage. Love this idea!

#DIY Hidden Book Storage

"Hidden Storage" Books - decorative and functional

nifty idea, could also use parts from your recently totaled vehicle... :)

a great way to upcycle an old book... wouldn't this look just quaint in a library?

Awesome!!!! I need this!

How to hollow out a book for a secret hiding place...been wanting to do this, now I have directions!

What to do with all those foreign coins you've saved?!

Crochet around a rope light to create a light-up rug..... BEZTY!! I know what I want you to crochet for me now!! lol JK

Really cute Kid's Kitchen/Diner made out of an old entertainment center.

Bookshelf storage using old books

20 Ways to Reuse Old Books...There’s something special about old books, isn’t there? They have a certain feel to them, a certain smell. If you have some old books in your stash that aren’t readable anymore, you don’t have to relegate them to the recycle bin. Try some of these book crafts instead!

Hidden Passage Doorways... replace a Closet door with a Bookshelf door.

Baskets on side of bookshelf

Bookshelves for the Attic Alcove books home inspiration decorate ideas library alcove bookshelf attic

paint storage

transfer images to canvas, pillows, or furniture.

Puzzle cutting boards.... Love this.... would be great too for little house parties

diy living room ideas