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I wish my family was sane enough to question why I make pudding at four o'clock in the morning.

This is real life. Or I wish it was real life.

I love the Rugrats. {This is me when staying the night with friends...}

You ask how I hold myself so well, I just remind myself shit could be worst. And that makes me pretty greatful.for the shit I have.

Rugrats. If I remember right, this is when Angelica is sick or has surgery or something? Haha.

And can we talk about LONELY SPACE VIXENS??? | 27 Adults Jokes In Cartoons That You Totally Missed As A Kid

finding mom in a grocery store, hahaha so remember this as a kid

Rugrats - Angelica and Tommy Pickles will always make me think of Kirstie & Sean!

OMG this is so true!! Standing up: me:oh wow my legs don't look so bad! Sitting down: me:oh wow I look like a beached whale.

Legos. In just about every room of the house.