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OMG!!! These gross cards sure take me back! Cant believe my mom let me collect these lol!

Garbage Pail Kids! Totally had hundreds of these crazy things! This one I remember, in particular.

All sizes | Garbage Pail Kids school folder back | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Garbage Pail Kid (Windy Winston). $1.75, via Etsy. hahahahahaha!

Garbag Pail Kids Cards...I remember collecting these. So much better than baseball cards.

Garbage Pail Kid -- Jay Decay by Paxton Holley. Mom recently gave me my old school box packed full of them. Not sure what to do with 'em, but it was neat to see them.

Garbage Pail Kids!!! I had a HUGE collection of these & I remember how much FUN it was to trade them at recess with all of my friends!!! These were even popular with the boys at school!!! Fun times!!! :) I blew so much money on these, and rubber bracelets....

Garbage Pail Kid trading cards. What the hell was wrong with kids in the 80s to think these were cool? So nasty. I personally dont recall having any of these myself but my friends did

If you don't like Garbage Pail Kids, well then... you're just a commie asshole aren't you?

1986 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Trading Card 189a by LEATHERGLACIER, $2.00