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Cosmos: native to meadowland in Mexico where most of the species occur, as well as the southern US., Arizona, C. America, and to S. America as far south as Paraguay. One species, C. bipinnatus, is naturalized across much of the eastern US. and eastern Canada. It is also widespread over the high eastern plains of S. Africa, where it was introduced via contaminated horse-feed *imported... #Cosmos #plant #flower

Bikes, good on the road and in the garden - See this post from Inspiration Green for a whole lot of repurposed bicycle brilliance.


Fancy making some floral art? These rose ice cream cones are a great idea for table decorations! #Flowers #AldiFavouriteThings

Vietnam This is an example of a piece that seems to have been erected from the ideal forms and the desire to stay symmetrical. Art nouveau red Boxes of book shelves catered to all sizes of books - idealistic spaces for book hoarders like me..

Botanische Fotografie Frühlingsblumen Fine Art von GeorgiannaLane

cool Botanische Fotografie Frühlingsblumen Fine Art von GeorgiannaLane... by