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These work really well with Vibram shoes--they're thin, but don't squish your toes and help to avoid blisters/cold feet.

5 New Gadgets to Make Your Luggage & Travels Better

Anyone who's spent long hours out in the cold can tell you that while your hands, face, arms, and legs can get cold, nothing will send you reeling for the warmth of an indoor shelter faster than cold feet. ThermaCell Heated Insoles ($120-$200) are designed to prevent this by heating your boots/shoes from the inside out. Powered by rechargeable lithium polymer batteries embedded in the insoles, they're controlled via a remote that offers off, medium (100º), and high (110º) settings.

Spyridon LS - just got these and LOVE them. Took my first run in them today. It has a more aggressive tread because it is designed for trail running - stones & gravel. Reflective, too!

I'm ready celebrate at RNRRAL 2016! 26.2!!!!! Get more running motivation on Favorite Run Facebook page -