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Allison Road P.T.'s Spritual Successor Is Back From the Dead #Playstation4 #PS4 #Sony #videogames #playstation #gamer #games #gaming


Silent Hills.... WITH NORMAN REEDUS... AKA. DARYL from THE WALKING DEAD.... FUCK. I'M BUYING A PS4. NAW. -27-04-2015- NOT ANYMOAR, PEOPLE. THANK YOU SO FREAKING MUCH, KONAMI. For CANCELLING what would have saved Silent Hill and horror games. The best fucking gameplay I've ever played, and the game it's fucking cancelled. Fuck you, Konami.

Death Stranding and the Future of PlayStation (Hideo Kojima, Mark Cerny ...

The Scariest Thing About Silent Hills

The Scariest Thing About Silent Hills. :( I was really looking forward to this game