How Long Does Food Last?

How long you can keep foods

Formal and Informal Place Setting

Microwave Hacks for Daily Life on Plating Pixels. Kitchen and cooking tips. Speed up for cooking prep and make cooking easier with this microwave hacks inforgraphic. -

Essential Guide to Essential Vitamins & Their Food Sources [Infographic]

How Long Food Will Keep

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A handy guide to compare healthiness of meats found in the store. Based on a 3.5 oz serving roughly the size of a deck of cards.

Weight Loss - Simple Foods that Burn Fat

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Eat Seasonably, helps save money on your grocery bill. Will need to keep this handy while grocery shopping.

How To Freeze Food -- Timeline, Tips and Don'ts

How to tell if an avocado is ripe #foodhacks

natural food coloring

AWesome food storage list- Know what to toss, and what you can keep a little longer! 10 more pages on the blog! #foodstorage #expiration #spirngcleaning

Make your own Vinegar (it's easier than you think)….going to use those crabapples going to waste in my back yard to do this. This is one of my preps and will be a needed item in the community when the SHTF since vinegar can be used for food preservation, cleaning, sanitizing and medical purposes.

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