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Here you see him with his cooking cap upon his head and a welcome smile upon his countenance, as if he was dealing out rations to the boys of Company E, and happy to fill up their tin plates with some ground-baked beans.

Artillery Private and Wife. In addition to the crossed cannon insignea, this soldier's cap. Includes the letter "C" indicating his company or battery, but his regiment is unknown.Photo taken by J. S. Young, Washington, Pennsylvania. The presence of a tax stamp on the reverse indicates that this was made between late 1864 and early 1866.

Private John Parkhurst (age 50) Company "E" , 2nd New York Heavy Artillery , received a gunshot wound to the head at the Battle of Farmville, Virginia, April 7th 1865.

Drummer Louis D. B. Somerby of Company A, 48th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment and Company M, 2nd Massachusetts Heavy Artillery Regiment.

Such was the brave young wife whose name stands at the head of our sketch; and such were her courage, her bearing, and her services on the plains of Manassas and at the battle of Newbern. Her father was a Scotchman, and a soldier in the British army. He was stationed far away on the African coast, in Caffraria; and there, in the year 1842, in the regimental barracks, and surrounded by the rude but kind old soldiers, her father’s companions in arms, little Kady was born.

Worn by Pvt. Jediah K. Burnham, who joined the Keystone Zouaves, Company A of the 76th Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry in 1863.

Uniform worn by Private Edward D. Robinson (Charleston, SC) of Captain G.H. Walter’s Company (Washington Artillery), South Carolina Artillery. The unit surrendered to Federal forces at Greensboro, NC on May 1, 1865. Charleston Museum.