long and beautifullll.




So beautiful.I'm thinking on getting these. :: Shop DreadStop.Com for Premium Leather Dread Cuff #dreadstop


#bohemian #dreadlocks I like her dreads..i feel like i could pull them off sometimes as i have hair in the back that naturally dread themselves haha...

dreads on dreads on dreads

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Girls can have beautiful dreads!! They don't have to be nasty!!

Dreads upstyle

Such a beautiful head of dreads! And I love the dread-wrap. From lazyeye- on Flickr




dreads oh dreads...if I ever got ballsy enough to do it. This is how :: #dreadstop

I wish I could pull of dreads but they're so sexy on girls so I will settle for that! (; :: #dreadstop


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