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sight words- LOVE this idea... can be a small group, center, or in D5 as word work!

Ricca's Kindergarten: Literacy Centers Sight word letters in sensory bin, search for them to make words on baking sheet

Mrs. H.'s Resource Room: Sight Word Box from Teacher Mama

A clever and budget friendly idea for a DIY sight word practice box from Boy Mama Teacher Mama! Folder games take on a whole new meaning, pizza box games!

Sight word walk - how far can you go without a mistake? Would be easy to adapt to other subjects too

(I could use Alphabet and Numbers for Preschool!) Sight word practice I taped down all the sight words we have learned in our grade classroom We call it our Sight Word Walk

Learning Sight Words - I Can Teach My Child!  (Looks like someone finally took the Occupational Therapist's advice!)

Learning Sight Words

Great ideas for teaching sight words. Free multi-sensory sight word templates from I can teach my child.

sight word spell center- Spell it with letter tiles and then write it!

Shared Reading Text in Kindergarten

While working in Arkansas recently, I talked with kindergarten teachers about finding the right kind of text for shared reading. I look for books and poems that are close to the guided reading leve…

Matching letters to form a word is an important skill in early literacy

fine motor clothespin activity: Make alphabet on clothes pins and word flash cards for child to spell out.

This is a fun game we play if the children are interested in writing letters. We place the chairs in a circle, and I place a letter and a different colored marker on each chair. While the music plays, children march around the circle holding a clipboard with paper or a dry erase board. When the music stops, they must find the closest chair, take the letter and marker and write that letter on their paper or dry erase board. (try with sight words, too)

Pre-Writing Activities

*could do with math facts* write a number on each chair and write a fact that equals that number. "Musical Letters"-when music stops write letter that is on chair (try with sight words, too) Multiplication facts instead! SO FUN!

Sight Word Rubbings at DoingSplendid.com

Sight Word Rubbings

I made this sight word rubbings activity for my son to help get him ready for kindergarten. He loves to practice sight words when we do this. This is a wonderful activity to learn letters, numbers, or for a child learning to write their name.

3 early literacy cookie sheet activities! ABC order, Rhyme and Building CVC words.  Great for centers or small group instruction.

Three early literacy activities using cookie sheet! ABC order, Rhyme and Building CVC words. Great for centers or small group instruction.