Thor and Loki :)

Thor and Loki

Olympic Avengers. Not sure why Loki is pole vaulting. I pity the Hulk's wrestling opponent.


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The Avengers: Loki the Ultimate Playboy

Hulk and Hawkeye

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Poor Thor! Tony, why would you do that!?

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oh loki

Loki and Thor go out for ice cream.


Thor and Loki love

Lol. Actually Steve's metabolism is too fast for him to be able to get drunk but I absolutely love this.<<< and only some people actually see loki and Thor as gods

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This kid wins at life, the teacher fails. A question mark, really, that teacher needs to get out more often.<<<XD

Thus Tom Was Born!......... You know.. When you thinks bout it.... That's not the most appealing pic of Tom