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1890 U.S. Population Density Map - Click to learn more about how to get around the missing 1890 census.
US population distribution, 1890    #ancestry #genealogy #Census #1890
US population density in 1850    #ancestry #genealogy #Census #1850
Getting a Christmas tree: Mini-versions of things are always funny, and this shot of a baby toting home the family Christmas tree is a good example. (Photo: Clearly Perceived Photography)
US population density, 1910    #ancestry #genealogy #Census
The Website of King Henry VIII - Ask Henry. Questions 200 - 399
US population distribution, 1880    #ancestry #genealogy #Census #1880
bricked doorway in vintage stone wall
The internet makes it theoretically possible to connect everyone in the world (we are all cousins of a degree).  To be accurate you need sources, which often have a price tag.  WorldGenWeb is trying to link and find sources.  If naught else, you can make contacts with other family hunters.