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      Gemini 2012 Horoscope

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      Gémeaux ♊Gemini

    • Jessica Gomez

      The Gemini personality stands out as the zodiac sign that knows something about just about everything, making them good conversationalists and interesting acquaintances. They are inquisitive and quick to digest new information and ideas. Intelligent and logical, but with a lot of nervous energy, Gemini likes to keep busy and expand their horizons whenever opportunities arise, often multitasking between several interests. However, as the sign of the Twins, there is a dual aspect to the Ge...

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      ikizler burcu kadını - Google'da Ara

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    i NEVER forget. i forgive the instant i understand things but never once have i forgotten. to forget is to pretend it never happened and open one's self up to repeating the instance, and betrayal is the deepest wound to endure. trust is never easy.

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    I chose who I want to be social with due to trust issues and being very cautious.

    Fun facts about your sign here

    I don't do zodiac stuff but . . .I'd have to agree with this one, at least for me personally. ;)



    Fun facts about your sign here

    Seriously, I'm my own best company. I don't have many friends because I can tell who's loyal and who isn't. If you lie to me or ignore me, you can go f*ck yourself, I don't mind being alone.

    Fun facts about your sign here


    because we don't want you to feel like you have to stop everything to help us.

    Very true! Loyal...but needing space is a neccesity for anything to work.

    Ever wonder why I always have a back up plan with multiple contingencies? Here it is. Gemini. Duh.


    Fun facts about your sign here

    Not into horoscopes, but I think this is true (for many people born at many different points in the year)

    "There is a fine line between genius and insanity, I have erased this line." :]

    Zodiac Gemini facts.. lol ok I know some people think this stuff is dumb, but this one is so ridiculously accurate about me that it's scary.

    Gemini as parents..may not be a biological parent but same goes for step-parent.

    my friend does hahahahahaaa....and sometimes I do..we're geminis

    GEMINI Zodiac Nursery / Kids Room Art Print - 8 x 10. $20.00, via Etsy.

    Gemini....Why we stay guarded. true