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Piece N Quilt's Out on a line quilt from the Sweet Celebrations book #stash books

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What a great way to have a keepsake of some of the favorite baby clothes "Baby Clothes on the Line" quilt by Natalia at Piece n' Quilt.

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A memory quilt made of baby clothes

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Baby cloths quilt. My husband wants me to do something like this for our kids so I gotta start studying for this project.

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Best tshirt quilt i've seen

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this is adorable!

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great baby quilt

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Image Detail for - Memory Quilt using newborn baby clothes

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Little boys memory quilt using whole applique outfits on a patchwork me!

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I like the quilting design of this. around the boats and whales are swirls designs, while the piecing is several rows of straight line stitching, gives a really nice effect.

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Piece N Quilt: Randomness @ Piece N Quilt

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Cute quilt of onsies your child wore their first year of their life

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Baby clothes quilt ♥ for when my babies are all grown up.

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baby quilts free patterns | Vintage Quilt Patterns – Embroidery – Applique and Pieced Quilts

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storm at sea quilt. The site shows how it is broken down into pieces to show how simple it is.

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Keepsake pillows and bags... You can make this pillow with left over baby outfits that they have outgrown over the years.

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Appliqued and Pieced. Sewing machine quilt top pattern. Have to make this quilt to hang in my sewing room. So cute. I will have to put it above my Vintage Singer Sewing Machine looks just like it. Nice.