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  • Angela Dunnington

    80's hair: when you never felt the wind blowing in your hair due to the gallon of Aquanet holding it in place.... hahahaha I so used this stuff during my big hair days!

  • Christina Lovelace Nair

    Aqua Net! I bet between middle school & high school I used 100 cans!!

  • Amy Ehlers

    1980s Aqua Net! - The only way to get BIG HAIR! A can in every high school girl's locker!

  • Jennifer Call

    Aqua Net Hair Spray. A must for 80s hair!

  • Kati Mesa

    Aqua net! Some childhood memories right here!

  • Katie Good

    1980s Aqua Net! - The only way to get BIG HAIR! My grandma always had this hair spray!

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Still have some :) Jr doll skirts, backpack purses and top it off with plastic barrettes for ultra coolness.

My Mom, Grandma and Aunts sat under one of these with curlers in their hair when I was little. I always loved watching them fix their hair. Mom used these on my straight baby fine hair. Just roll hair and push down to lock the soft rubber in place....I want some now!

The hair spray of choice in the 60's. This hair spray thing was serious business!

Scotch Hair Tape. Cheryl Tiegs. I remember this product. We used it for that required little curl at the temples.

80's Absolutely dressed like this! Cross Earrings, denim jacket!

This is the only kind of pony tail holder my mom could use in our hair. We had tons of different colors and then she tied a yarn ribbon around each tail! Our yarn came from Pinkie's Ben Franklin in Ranchmart!

Aqua Net Spray! I hate that smell of aqua net when I was kid. My older sister sprayed her crazy sprawling bang with this products everyday back in 80's!!

Are we going here again? I think those are shoulder pads I see in her jacket...

Dear God, I was completely responsible for destroying a layer of the ozone.

Cyndi Lauper-Yep I am totally dressing up like her in 8 days! I'm so excited!

Fried, permed, big hair with rooster bangs. Aqua net was my best friend. Sickie. I don't know who this chick is...but we had the same hair style. :/