California teen and alleged rape victim is being held in jail to solidify a case against her attacker. She's been in jail since March 23rd, and isn't being released because she has a history of running away, and prosecutors don't want to lose a key witness.

Rape victim can sue after being arrested and denied contraception... this is evil

Dominique Strauss-Kahn faces new rape investigation.

According to the State Department, 50 teens studying abroad in the U.S. reported sexual assault or abuse by host parents last year.

The Fukushima power plant disaster as a result of the Japan earthquakes and Tsunamis is something that is under-covered and under-reported by EVERYBODY.

Maryville Alleged Rape: Reported harassment of Daisy Coleman highlights "victim-blaming," expert says - Crimesider - CBS News

Wait, what? Let's imprison the mothers, leaving the child parentless. That *really* makes a ton of sense.

Sara Reedy, the rape victim accused of lying and jailed by US police, wins $1.5m payout. -- For women, our system is broken.

MaleSurvivor Conference Examines Sexual Abuse in Sports -

What’s Up, Doc? | Check out the newest blog from KC Man Up! "Is it inevitable that we as men man up and at the same time dumb down — especially when it means making ourselves vulnerable?"

Awesome for Malawi! Joyce Banda was sworn in as President of Malawi, the second woman to be head of state in Africa, the first in Southern Africa (at least since, you know, the world has actually paid attention.).

Eight current and former U.S. service members filed a lawsuit alleging they were raped, sexually assaulted or harassed while serving in the military.

The University of Montana implements a mandatory sexual violence training for all incoming freshman in the midst of a continuing U.S. Dept. of Justice probe into 80 reported rape cases in just the last three years.

A good tip for those who suffer from depression. It's good to remember whether it's a chronic thing, or if it is brought on by outside circumstance (or sometimes both!).

Why You Shouldn't Trust Polls

Thirteen Ways Government Tracks Us. This is some serious 1984 type stuff here. It's only going to get worse, though. The cat is out of the bag. Are you going to let it really affect how you live your life?

A 16-year-old boy has been charged with raping a girl at Raytown Middle School.

So, Georgia is advocating to a return to a form of slavery. Perhaps they will call it indentured servitude? They chase out the highly motivated low wage workers and replace them with no wage inmates. Is this where we want our country to go?

Congress approves renewal of the Violence Against Women Act on Feb. 28th, 2013.

Matthew Mcconaughey Shirtless ... I will admit to wanting to see Magic Mike...