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  • JJ Scott

    Eleven meat tenderizers and why they work. Read very true and creative (natural ways of eating).

  • Nichole Books

    ~11 Tenderizers for meat & why they work~ 1. Salt 2. Tea 3. Wine, Citrus Juices, Vinegar 4. Tomato based sauces 5. Beer 6. Cola 7. Ginger 8. Coffee 9. Buttermilk & yogurt 10. Figs, pineapple, kiwis, papaya 11. Baking soda.

  • Kayleigh Baker-Whisler

    --11 Meat Tenderizers & Why They Work: Tea, Wine, Citrus Juices, Vinegar, Beer!

  • Cassandra Noel

    Did you know that coffee and baking soda make great tenderizers? You do now! Eleven meat tenderizers and why they work

  • Kathy Horton

    Tea: contains tannins which are a natural tenderizer. Wine, Citrus Juices, Vinegar, Tomato Based Sauces: these are acidic liquids that soften muscle fibers. Beer: contains alpha acids and tannins for tenderizing meats. Ginger: contains a proteolytic enzyme that naturally breaks down protein. Coffee: A natural tenderizer that also adds flavor. Baking Soda: just like salt, will break down proteins as the meat draws it in. Also Figs, Pineapple, Kiwis, Papaya, Buttermilk & Yogurt.

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