Things That Cause Rape

Thank you for sharing this.... Male rape is such a taboo subject. Like female rape, it's painful, evil and hideous....should be more posts like made me cry.


Stop Rape.



One worth remembering

Life : great quote

"I used to walk into a room full of people and wonder if they liked I look around and wonder if I like them."

It's true because if you're overly nice, people will try and take advantage of you, and who has time for that!!

aftermath. of. abuse.

male feminist - and it's the effing truth. If you wouldn't blame a person who got mugged for what happened, why is it okay to say women who are raped shouldn't have dressed provocatively?

Get over it and you will be enlightened

So thankful for all the TONS of wonderful people around me! This weekends get together was a great reminder of that! People that are so sweet and loving and thoughtful and let me prove myself instead of lump me in with the last one. And ESPECIALLY grateful for my sweet sweet love and everything he is <3 #lovemylife #livinitup #confidenceinChrist

Very true

A Golden Rule

I need to remember this I am still a little insecure because of stupid high school. Fuck them I will wear what I want!

My father used to say "Don´t raise your voice. Improve your argument" - Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Feminist Quote

neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim

A timely reminder