Things That Cause Rape

Thank you for sharing this.... Male rape is such a taboo subject. Like female rape, it's painful, evil and hideous....should be more posts like made me cry.


Stop Rape.


Rape Culture


End rape culture

rape culture


Rape is rape is rape. Tell me again that 'the war on women' doesn't exist. I dare you....


How Do I Know If I’ve Been Raped?

Causes of rape: rapists. That's it.

Rape culture simplified.

Stop Rape Culture.

“Rape is one of the most terrible crimes on earth. And it happens every few minutes, the problem with groups who deal with rape is that they try to educate women about how to defend themselves. What really needs to be done is teaching men not to rape. Go to the source and start there.” - Kurt Cobain.

Spiritual Abuse


Rape Culture.