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“Sometimes pain becomes such a huge part of your life that you expect it to always be there because.."

one tree hill ♥ Gosh I love and miss my favorite show!

The first step to a successful and happy life is making the decision that you want it!

The last dialogue from the last episode from OTH... Perfect Ending♥

Karen C. Harrington I'm not one for crying or showing too much emotion but this one almost got me...

take responsibility for your life, your mistakes. Pick your head up & move on. & get rid of anyone who only wants to relive our past or throw it in your face. Those people only do it because they are intimidated by your future. Why else would they feel the need to bring it up...

Tragedies happen. What are you gonna do? Give up? Quit? No. I realize now that when your heart breaks you gotta fight like hell to make sure you're still alive. Because you are. And that pain you feel? That's life. The confusion and fear, that's there to remind you that somewhere out there is something better. And that something is worth fighting for.

One Tree Hill quote again..surprise surprise :)

There's never enough time. But time is so relative, therefore we must make the most of it. Because when it's time to say goodbye, our life begins once again and then, time is infinite. But it's the time we spend with certain people and things on this planet that make time seem short and never enough.

🌻 I will never loose sight of where my life is capable of going. Loving every minute