Flat iron curls tutorial.

Now I get it!

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Another Pinner says: I do this... I twist my hair into a bun with bobby pins and leave it up overnight. In the morning all you have to do is pullout the pins and separate the hair. So quick easy! Soft Pretty Waves With No Mousse Or Heat (alike to another idea for blow drying twisted hair dry to make curls...this girl just does it without heat.

Messy beach waves

NO HEAT (Overnight) Beachy Waves! #PrettyGossip #Hair #NoHeat #BeachyWaves #noheatwaves #noheatcurls

Totally trying this! Split and braid your hair into two sections and tie with a rubberband. Twist the braid away from your face and then twist the flat iron onto your hair in the same direction your hair is twisted. Do not touch rubberband or else you will get that weird crease. Repeat this process twice! After hair is cooled, then take them out and run your fingers through the braid. Saw this on Rachel Ray Show. It gives you nice beachy waves!

Mermaid Waves

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Sea Salt Spray | 21 Healthy Hair DIY Treatments For Summer-Starved Hair Makeup tutorials you can find here: www.crazymakeupideas.com

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If you have absolutely stick-straight hair, use aluminum foil and a flat iron to create curls that seriously LAST. | 29 Hairstyling Hacks Every Girl Should Know - Nails Art, Hair Styles, Weight Loss and More! : www.crazymakeupideas.ga

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curling hair with a flat iron-Different technique than what ive seen before

How To: Mermaid Waves--use a t-shirt to scrunch hair & no frizzy hair!

How to curl your hair with a flat iron...best tutorial that i have used so far!

Flat Iron Waves Tutorial

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