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A Japanese outdoor red light

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Japanview Maiko

Japanese tsurushi Hina dolls

Tokyobling's Blogfrom Tokyobling's Blog

Asakusa Shirasaginomai Parade

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Asakusa Parade

Shirasaginomai Asakusa Parade, Japan

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Japanese Firefighters

Firefighters Performing

Japanese firefighters performing on bamboo poles

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Pontocho, Kyoto, Japan ... Kyoto is the old capitol city... after the Edo period the capitol was moved to Edo city, now known as Tokyo....I cant wait to explore Kyoto - to me it represents the real Japan....

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japanese lantern

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Shrine Nara

Kasuga Shrine

Kasuga Shrine in Nara, Japan

Japan Japanese

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Japanese Restaurant, Wagasa, Japan. ----------- #japan #japanese

Wagasa Japan

Japanese Wagasa

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Umbrellas Wagasa

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Umbrellas Japan

Lanterns Japan

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Japanese umbrellas, Wagasa 和傘

Japan Lanterns

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Japanese Lanterns

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Japanese Sakura

Japan Sakura

Japanese sakura lantern: photo by *WindyLife on deviantART

Japan Lσvє

Tokyo Japan City

Sta Tokyo

Japan Neon

Neon Tokyo

Japan Pics

Japan 2016

Japan City Night

Night Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan

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japanese #bridge


Cherry Blossoms

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Japanese lantern

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Lanterns Floating

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Japan Sending

Toro-nagashi in Fushimi, Japan: Toro-nagashi 灯籠流し is a Japanese traditional event (sending off the spirits of the dead on lanterns floated on the waters of a river or the sea).

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Alley Shinjuku

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Shinjuku Alleyway

Japan Sakura

Japan Japan

I like very much to walk through Japanese streets in this way

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Old style inn - Kyoto, Japan

Japanese Gate

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Japanese lanterns

Maiko Kyoto

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Geiko Maiko

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Maiko, Kyoto, Japan