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Truth. There is work to be done but all I want to do it read. This is happening as we speak/type/pin.

This is true. Yeah I have like over 200 books and i have already read all of them 4-5 times

Did I say one more chapter? I meant ten more. And really, there's just five more after that so I may as well finish the...whoops. 4 AM again. ;) >> GET OUT OF MY HEAD!! :)

Holy Moly...this is SO freaking TRUE. Someone just asked me this the other day, and I stood there with my mouth open because I couldn't even fathom picking just ONE.

Bookworm mug. I worked in a bookstore for 14 years. After the 1st year or 2, the greatest hubby in the world said, "We have to talk. You've yet to bring home a dime!" True statement...

Confession: I’m a book hoarder. Even if I have a to-read tower wobbling in the corner of the room and a stack of un-reads on my study table, I can’t control myself—I’ll still buy more. The tug of bookstores is just irresistible, and it’s almost a rarity to find my bag sans a new novel and my purse still full at the end of the day. My first solution is to leave excess money at home whenever I’m going out, so as not to further ruin my already messy budget plan. Sometimes

if you're a book lover like me, you've probably had some form of this conversation at least once in your life

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Always got her head in a book. Acrylic on canvas. by linzart.