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PENSIVE - reflecting, absorbed, attentive, contemplative, dreamy, grave, musing, pondering, preoccupied, serious, sober, speculative, thinking, thoughtful, wistful, withdrawn, meditative, introspective, ruminative, melancholy, somber

some day i really want to be able to do this with my hair... ♥

New Birds & Beasties sketch! #ImpalaButt ★ || CHARACTER DESIGN REFERENCES ( - • Do you love Character Design? Join the Character Design Challenge! (link→ Share your unique vision of a theme every month, promote your art, learn and make new friends in a community of over 16.000 artists who share your same passion! || ★

Arwyn, a Celtic Warrior Maiden. Ball-jointed doll by Elfdoll; clothing, jewelry and wig by Martha Boers.

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Small-sword, ca. 1750–60. German. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Gift of Peter Finer, 2004 (2004.525) #sword

The sword in the stone. Contrary to common belief, this sword was not actually Excalibur. King Arthur recieved Excalibur from The Lady of the Lake later on after the sword in the stone had actually broken.

Sword, 10th century. European, probably Scandinavia. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Rogers Fund, 1955 (55.46.1) #sword

Very fitting photography for the Ace of Swords. Wisdom, intellect and truth are embodied in the Ace of Swords. What action can you take to gain clarity in your life? What knowledge can you acquire to gain understanding?