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  • Melissa Hand

    Here's a nice page with all kinds of tips for learning multiplication facts.

  • Beth Attanaseo

    GREAT math ideas!!

  • Monique Despins-Gruszczynski

    Multiplication Tricks Sheet!! I'm going to give this to my high school math students...enough with the calculators!

  • Jody Farkas MacLean

    Mixture of Math, Science, SS (Gr. 3, 4, 6) Math songs, multiplication tricks, songs, art, science and ss.

  • Love Them Madly

    Multiplication Tricks Sheet!! I remember learning these multiplication songs, and I plan on teaching them to my students in the future. It is a great way to integrate music into math, and this will help the kids remember their facts! Also, this link is to a blog with tips and tricks for teachers. Great stuff! -Maggie Smith 2/13/13/ - in-the-corner

  • Hannah Musto

    Multiplication fact tricks

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multiplication songs and tricks

OMG this actually works! mind=blown

Even though I believe there's a lot of learning going on  when kids are involved in creative play, crafting, games, cooking,  and all the other things we come together to do,  here are a few of our posts which focus  on tips, games, and activities that are fun and educational!

  • Melissa

    I just saw this in a 3rd grade classroom. What a great little trick to teach students

Math- it doesn't have to be as complicated as we currently teach it.

  • Kate Durling Emry

    You should just do 10x23= 230 then add half of 230 (5x23) 115, quicker than a heap of lines

  • Kelsey Giampoala

    GASP..... No wonder they're so much smarter than we are... They find loopholes! Who figures out these tricks & where were they when I was learning big multiplication?!?!?!?!

  • Clare Daly

    I don't know who figures these things out. It boggles my mind. I tried this with a 1 digit x a 2 digit and it works also. The problem I see here is that my kids who can't master multiplication would be further confused by this. Going to run it by my friend the math genius. :)

  • Will Oliver

    Got it on first try

  • Hannah Zipper

    pocket calculator... -_-

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multiplication trick

multiplication tricks This makes me think of Dad's Math. :)

multiplication - this is how they are taught in elem and not always using the standard algorithm - good to refer back to for students

This would be a nice handout to parents in my Back-to-School packet on Parent Night.

Wow, why did my teachers not teach this to me!? Say what?! Awesome!

  • Sabrina Arave

    So this only works with 9's?

  • Jessica Masotti Norton mom taught me this...:)

  • hannah jeffers

    i used this because i had such a bad memory!

  • Valerie Fore

    More interesting "multiplied by 9" facts: when you multiply a number by 9, the numbers, when added together will equal 9 9x9=81 8+1=9. 9x7=63, 6+3=9 It's how I (still) check my work.

  • Sharyn Jo

    My uncle taught me this when I was younger, and I still use it now haha :)

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Multiplication Fact Song- (9 times tables trick using fingers)