hand-cut paper

jen stark: hand-cut paper sculptures 'vividity' 36" x 30" x 5" acid-free hand cut paper, wood backing 2011

Hand-cut paper artwork | Jen Stark


jen stark: paper art.

Jen Stark

New Backlit Paper Sculptures by Hari

Jen Stark: Hand-Cut Paper Sculptures. Be sure to click through and look at all of them- they are absolutely stunning!

Jen Stark, in our March 2012 issue.

jen stark paper art

Jen Stark- Psychedelic Card and Paper Art (sculpture)


Cut paper sculptures by Velliquette

The cut paper work of Jen Stark

*Cut Paper Sculptures Made out of Artforum Magazine - http://laughingsquid.com/cut-paper-sculptures-made-out-of-artforum-magazine/

و لعل ما تخشاه ليس بكائن ..و لعل ما ترجوه سوف يكون ولعل ما هونت ليس بهين ..و لعل ما شددت سوف يهون

jen stark - paper artist

Richard Sweeney - paper sculpture

Microcosmic World by Gregory Euclide

Jen Stark