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  • alyssa goff

    An all #cardio #workout challenge! Great for at home with No equipment! Im literally about to do this right now!! #fitness #healthy #exercise Are you looking for substitute teaching positions? Sign up free on today! #yogateacher #zumba #personaltrainer #bootcamp

  • Melbourne Fitness Journey

    Cardio workout challenge! A great home workout for days when you can't make it to the gym. #cardio #fitness #health #workout #challenge #home

  • Sirisha Ravuri

    cardio workout! Ready for the challenge?

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Quick workout to do anywhere. I really like these for stay at home work outs. But those are just kinda hard with a little dog and cat constantly nosing around me.

Thank you pinterest, I was sitting on my butt then came across this workout and decided to get up and get er done!

No cardio machine? Can't get outside? You can do cardio in your livingroom or hotel room!

Train Like A Slayer: Cardio (I'm pretty sure this could kill me, and I will prob never do it but here it is just to give me encouragement that someone out there can do these lol---tori)

Need A Little Motivation? : theBERRY

Plyometrics cardio: perfect hotel room workout - just pack the jump rope and a stopwatch! Repeat circuit for 20 min, take 5 min break and follow with 20 min of full-body moves (think push-ups, tricep dips, mountain climbers, reverse lunges, leg raises, prisoner full squats, planks/side planks with rotation, different crunch variations, prisoner single-leg deadlifts etc)

For the times when I'm stuck in the house with my little loves wrapped around me and desperately needing to exercise my heart and body!

As requested by 35-24-35, a full cardio workout you can do without leaving the room! For max results, keep marching during water breaks.

This is a good idea to mix things up a bit.

My Spin bike will be here MONDAY!!! I can't wait! Squeezing in an hour of spin every morning before work is sooooo going to help boost my energy AND burn 550 calories first thing in the A.M. I am soooooo excited. Now I can ride my horse and spin in the same day!!!