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The fountain would be beautiful, it would be at least 20' tall.

Writing Humour: Writing Secrets

Writing a comedic #NaNoWriMo novel? Check out these secrets to writing a great novel rife with humor! #writingtips #humor

ok so do I repin this in FMA or the acuall fandom that sucked me in as harshly like this (wich is Osomatsu-san)

I DON'T use twitter. Or instagram. Or Facebook. Or Musicly. I use Pinterest, and Snapchat

the nine muses ll thalia; muse of comedy & idyllic poetry {7/9} THALEIA [Thalia] was one of the nine Mousai, who were the goddesses of music, song and dance. Thaleia was named muse of comedy and idyllic poetry. She is so named because men whose praises have been sung in poems flourish through long periods of time. In this guise she was portrayed with the attributes of comic mask, shepherd’s staff and wreath of ivy. 'Thaleia' means “rich festivity" or "blooming".

19 Funny Pictures for Your Friday

Hahaha, awwww, so cute. How could you NOT forgive him?!! Toast (with coconut oil spread and just the right amount of Vegemite!!) would do it for me too - or a new potplant lol. <3 this.

Aistor is the god of acting, plays, drama, pride, and comedy. He often takes the form of a comically large, vibrantly colored peacock. His other form is that of an unassuming young man, giving advice to aspiring actors and directors, as well as blessing or cursing plays. He likes to spark drama between his fellow gods and mortals, which makes him also the god of rumors.

Kenneth Charles Williams (22 February 1926 – 15 April 1988) was an English comic actor and comedian. He was one of the main ensemble in 26 of the Carry On films and appeared in numerous British television shows and radio comedies with Tony Hancock and Kenneth Horne.He died on 15 April 1988 in his flat the cause of death was an overdose of barbiturates. An inquest recorded an open verdict, as it was not possible to establish whether his death was a suicide or an accident.

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