pup in a cup

Oh my goodness!

would someone push me...please

omg so cute

A dog with a heart.

It is almost that time! Are you ready for #Halloween? @dancinghenfarms this one is for you. #piggy


Cute beyond cute

a silver Labrador? Gorgeous! This is the most beautiful dog I've seen in a very long time. At first I thought Weimeraner. They have blue eyes when they are puppies and a silver coat. Possibly a lab-Weimaraner mix.

That face!


Aw haha

adorable chocolate lab

This is going to be my next dog in about two years. I have to wait for my current 96 pound puppy to mature some. :)

lab puppies



Cavalier King Charles Spaniel pup -- so cute!

It's always time for nap time