Lol!!! #Worldcup #share @RChem_Wholesale @ChemWholesale via @addthis

Hate it when this happens.

Love it. We all feel this at least a few times a week lol.

Hahahaha! Love this.

True story!

bah ha ha ha, I just read this really slow to my husband and paused after "I'v been diagnosed.." his face was priceless lol


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your e cards,your e cards | Funny Ecards Your Own Pictures

Hey, in case I haven't told you enough lately... I still love the freaking shit out of you | Thinking Of You Ecard


funny ecards | Tumblr


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You don't know me. You don't know my life. You don't know what I've been through!!


My intense desire to unfriend you is outweighed by the enjoyment I feel gawking at the huge trainwreck that is your life.