Funny Somewhat Topical Ecard: They say, 'You are what you eat!' That's funny. I don't remember eating a sexy beast this morning.

The Real World Is Full With Too Many Assholes

Don't think you have bigger balls than me. Mine had to be put on my chest to avoid clanking.

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Men make fun with their ecards, but really they are confusing a real woman with one of their roofieing raped zombie girls.


"Did your mom drop you as a baby?" "Yeah, into a pool of sexy." good comeback! #ecards


hahaha. My library is really really big. I need to find this woman.


A good man can make you feel sexy, strong, and able to take on the world... that's why I love you, Jack Daniels.

i have the most serious case yet... but ill live with it

Picturing you naked is the most productive thing I've done all day. | Flirting Ecard |

OMG!! This is funny

"Whisper me those 3 little words every woman wants to hear. I bought wine."

Much more clever than what you actually said sometimes!

I love that sexy thing you do. What's it called again? Oh


I had a bad mixup at the store today.. the sexy male cashier said strip down facing me...... apparently he was referring to my credit card!

Love me some Captain!!