Beautiful black rose tattoo art on the stomach. Check out some more tattoo ideas for women at

Black rose of Halfeti. The only black rose that is not dyed or photoshopped. The town of Halfeti, Turkey was submerged in 1999 and relocated after a dam was built. The black roses haven't thrived in the new location, and they are in danger of extinction. photo: viewfort2003.

Roses on side.

Rosa 'Black Baccara'- The 'Black Baccara' rose is one of the darkest in the world! The deep dark Bordeaux shimmers almost black against the light!

that's a tattoo idea!

Natural Black Rose - the Black Rose grows only in Halfeti, Turkey. Black roses are incredibly rare and although they appear black they are actually a very deep crimson color.

Pretty Swirls !

This reminds me of our old character villa as a child, with the brilliant deep coloured vintage roses.. I love heirloom roses SO much!!!..

Rose and Skull Side Piece - love the colors

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Side tattoo

black rose ..only exist in Halfeti-TURKEY in the world

Side tattoo

It was in my flaws, I found a much deeper truth and it is from them, I bloom ..a black rose. ~ Segovia Amil

Beautiful tattoos for women

rhubarbes: The ash project by Ars Thanea.More 3D art here.

rose tattoo design, this is it! Right down my side onto my hip/leg!

If you ever want to win my heart by me a bouquet of black roses.

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