Shooting stars. Felt filled with rice. What a fun throwing toy!

origami ninja stars for ninjago party - I like the idea...a little worried about someone getting hurt. Will have to do right BEFORE they leave!

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Super Ninja Throwing Stars

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Butterfly throwing stars... Awesome!


Ninjago Party Throwing Stars

Throwing weapons 1 by on @deviantART

throwing star. I've used one of these before there so fun to throw!

holy shit??? giant man ??? spidey??? epic throw down????? star wars reference ??? (I still haven't seen it im spoiling everything for myself)

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6 pointed rainbow throwing star

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Throwing Stars. I really want a set of these and practice throwing them at trees

Shurikens (set 2) by Rittik-Designs on DeviantArt

Kids bday idea - obstacle course! Inspired by Tough Mudder - the Barbwire Crawl!