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    Man’s best friend can suffer several of the same ailments that afflict his guardian: cuts, sores, allergies and abscesses. Keeping Epsom salt on hand can ease your dog’s discomfort in ways that potentially can eliminate added veterinarian costs. You can use Epsom salt -- magnesium sulfate -- externa...

    Epsom Salt Uses for Dogs |

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      Epsom Salts to Relieve Dog's Itching ~~ Dogs, like people, suffer from itching. Isolating the cause of the itching is important for the dog's health. Relieving a dog's itching while the cause is under investigation is crucial. Bathe a dog in a cool water Epsom salt bath to provide relief from itching.

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      Epsom salt bath can help you release uneasy or negative subtle energy you have inadvertently collected from other people

    • Vanessa Grundy

      Epsom salt baths are safe for kids over 6 and has great benefits for autistic children. makes sense since it really relaxes your body.

    • Resheena Thomas

      epsom salt baths 500g or 2 cups Espom salt in 15 gal water. soak for 12minutes 3 times a week.

    • Brydie

      Epsom Salts to Help Empty Dogs Anal Sacs ~ Dogs have 2 anal sacs that fill with fluid each day & normally emptied during defecation. Sometimes anal sacs don't empty, which is Irritating & possibly painful for dog. Epsom salt bath can liquify contents of anal sacs & aid in muscle relaxation. Bathe cooperative dog in few inches of salt water in bathtub. Use hand towel to apply Epsom salt water to rear of an uncooperative dog. - Ratio 1/2 cup Epsom salt per gallon water soak 5-10 min at a time.

    • April Benner

      Children and epsom salt baths....very interesting!

    • Whitney Haynes

      Epsom Salt Uses for Dogs thumbnail, itching, etc.

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      Epsom Salt Uses for Dogs |

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      Epsom Salt Uses for Dogs thumbnail

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    love my dogs :)


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