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    Keeping your carpet clean can be a challenge, especially if you entertain often or have young children living in the home. If any sticky substances are spilled on the carpet, it's important to know how to effectively remove the stains in order to preserve the look and life of your home carpeting.

    How to Get Sticky Substances Out of a Carpet

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    How to Remove Dried Latex Paint From a Carpet thumbnail. How useful, I'm off to do this now. Same color as the paint in the picture, to boot!

    how to remove carpet stains

    Blue Dawn dish soap + hydrogen peroxide are all it takes to get rid of even the toughest carpet stains (that black stuff on the left photo is ACRYLIC PAINT)! # Pin++ for Pinterest #

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    How to Get Paint out of Carpet. Seriously something to have on hand since I have 20 foot high ceilings and I swear paint drops fly everywhere

    Removing latex paint from carpet

    this is how I prepared the taco shells that I served tonight's (see most recent under my "yum" board) dinner in.

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    Don't cry over spilled nail polish. how to get nail polish out of clothes, carpets etc. I will be glad that I pinned this one day

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    How to Remove Mildew Smell from Towels- Good to know.

    Homemade Carpet Stain Remover...NO Scrubbing Needed!--Need with a house full of boys

    Fill a spray bottle with hydrogen peroxide and 1/2 handful of baking soda. Shake it up and spray on carpet stains, upholstery stains, and clothing stains. pinner said, "I've used it for years and it works better than anything else."

    How to remove scratches from simple! Must remember!

    35 new uses for the Magic Eraser: remove paint scratches on your car from minor fender benders, remove adhesive residue after removing stickers, remove rust from most surfaces, remove nail polish spills or stains, remove grass stains from shoes after moving the lawn......

    Remove old caulking without scraping your shower

    Top 5: How to Get Nail Polish Out of Carpet

    The best oven cleaner! Cover bottom of oven with baking soda, then pour vinegar so it's all wet. Let sit around 20 minutes or so then wipe all of it out with damp cloth or sponge. I leave my oven door open too. After drying you may see some white residue, wipe again. Julie B said: Whoa! My oven looks like I've never used it! This tip worked perfectly! :)