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Leave it to a lab to find the mud!

furry friends: golden retriever puppies | cute dogs pets animals

golden puppy holding a stuffed golden puppy!

such an unlikely friendship ! simply adorable !

Finished trials of Apollo and made the best mistake of going onto tumblr <<< THIS IS THE BEST SOLANGELO MOMENT EVER

Dogs Are a Girl's Best Friend Print // Available at the Pretty Fluffy Print Shop // www.prettyfluffy.com

liveloveevintage: freepeople: A girl, her dog, and her romper.Shop this look here! Oh my gosh my dream dog

Fluffy Cows… I don't even know how to express how much joy this brings me.

PERFECT PANCAKES - "I know food bloggers have a bad rap for throwing around the phrase 'best ever' a little too frequently. Friends. Look at my eyes… these pancakes are the real deal. I’ve been searching for the best pancake recipe ever, and I’ve finally perfected it. Thick and fluffy, with a hint of sweetness, but not too..." | raceandgoodeats.com

Dogs are a humans best friend, we are both chill

Bernese Mountain Dog

You're more beautiful than Cinderella and your face is like sunshine

Samoyed puppies! The best dogs in the whole world. OMG! I want to Love the FLUFF out of them!!

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole. Golden Retriever.

Learn how to make Simple Vanilla Cupcakes from Scratch! Light, moist, and fluffy, these cupcakes have the perfect balance of flavor and are topped with a heavenly buttercream frosting.

I was driving through NJ with my best friend SIerra (great pyrenees) and i stopped for gas, while the attendant was filling my car and I was cleaning my front window he asked "Hey lady do you know you've got a white bear in the back of you car?" that's my girl #greatpyreneeslove

best furry kittens buddies for life

They understand you like no else can. Forget diamonds, my best is are my fluffies:)°♡