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Edible tea cups for kids. Made out of ice cream cones cookies and gummies!!

make edible tea cups using ice cream cones. I'd love to see cake inside the icecream cone. (I had ice cream cone cupakes one birthday)

fun kid lunches | Fun! Great for kids lunches | Kids

101 Mishloach Manot Ideas

Butterfly snack bags would be great lunchbox idea. Put small crackers on one side of bag put grapes other side & put peg in middle to separate

Teacups from Ice Cream Cones

Once Upon a Pedestal: Teacups from Ice Cream Cones - Enchant Kids with this DIY project. tutorial inc. (How To Make Cake Tea Parties)

Frog food

I liked this until I saw they grilled them! Poor little bell pepper frogs :( Here's the pinner's caption: "GRILLED PEPPER FROGS: How cool is this idea? We've also found a little video of a young child making one of these frogs, via Kids Cook Monday.


When you're finished with you dessert, why not eat the cup. These edible tea cups are so adorable that you'll want to eat all of your desserts from them.

Perola Acucar Marshmellow pink.jpg (600×600)

Pink marshmallow flowers Simple (any color you want(marshmallows/put some icing on one end grab some edible colored pearls/go to dollar store grab plastic stems or rip off the flower then shove them i (Sweet Recipes Cute)

tasse à croquer<<< i would probably coat the inside with chocolate first so it wouldn't get soggy

Amazing teacup cookies that look just like little teacups! DIY Tea Party idea not only for kids. With chocolate .

Made these for a party in October.  These were great as long as they stayed in the freezer.  I guess Florida is still too hot in October, they crumpled in on themselves!  A great idea for a party.

Create Chocolate Bowls for some fancy deserts.that hopefully won't taste like balloon.Pour liquid chocolate into a bowl with a balloon inside for the shape and let it solidify. what a fun idea!

Alternative birthday cake

DIY Party Idea - Stacked Fresh Watermelon Cake- for summer birthday parties! Just cut the watermelon in "cake" like pieces as shown in the picture.insert fruit skewers into the "cake" and enjoy! Picture only.

fun size Milky Ways with slit in center...  gel icing to stick M as wheels..

Race car snack - Teddy bear, milky way bar and m's. Stick on the wheels with a small tube of gel icing, make a slit in the candy bar with a toothpick and carefully push the teddy graham in.

22 Awesome Food Hacks to Make Your Life Easier and More Fun

22 Awesome Food Hacks to Make Your Life Easier and More Fun

Too cute watermelon fruit centerpiece edible bbq grill of July summer party food healthy

Little girls will go mad for these adorable tea cups.

Tiny teacups Little girls will go mad for these adorable tea cups.Buy a copy of Easy Party Treats for Children.