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Lesson plan for The Recess Queen by Alexis O'Neill. Mean Jean is the Recess Queen and she rules the playground with an iron fist. No one dares to question her power until a new girl named Katie Sue comes to school. Not only is Katie Sue not intimidated by Mean Jean, she actually asks Mean Jean to jump rope with her. When the two girls become friends, the playground is once again safe for all.

Encourage Playfrom Encourage Play

Social Thinking: Mean Jean

As your daughter gets off the bus, you notice her flushed face and her eyes are filled with tears. You ask what’s wrong, and the words come flooding out. “Julia said she won’t play with me at recess anymore. I don’t understand why she’s mad. I was just telling her the right way to play!” Some children I’ve worked with (and one child I’m currently raising - eek!) can be described as bossy.

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rules for children

Why we have rules. Short video to intro rules lesson

This is a great book to teach kids about bullies. They love "Mean Jean"! Great to read to First graders at the beginning of the year before you have playground problems!

Wilma Jean the Worry Machine by Julia Cook #books The goal of the book is to give children the tools needed to feel more in control of their anxiety.

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Wilma Jean the Worry Machine

Wilma Jean the Worry Machine - The Sensory Spectrum

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