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    Bill Nye the Science Guy

    bill nye the science guy

    bill nye the science guy

    Reasons why I love Bill Nye

    Yes, I would like to science, please.

    Bill Nye's high school yearbook photo I love Bill Nye 😊


    Bill nye

    'cause Bill Nye

    Bill Nye rules the bow tie.

    Not too sure who he is but he sounds like a good guy. this comment though I mean I don't really care about the picture, but who the heck doesn't know who Bill Nye the Science Guy is?!

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    "Hey bro you'll never guess what happened today. I bought a bike from Bill Nye the science guy."

    Bill Nye the Science Guy! (I may have started singing in my head...)

    ~I REEEEALLY don't want to trivialise this marvelous event, but Bill's face!!!! .~

    (From Top, Clockwise:) Mr. Rogers, Bob Ross, Carl Sagan, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and Bill Nye (the Science Guy)

    Science vs Fox News in a pitifully unequal contest.

    When Science Is you