Math Coach's Corner: What Great Teachers Do Differently

What Great Teachers Do Differently - 17 things that matter most by Todd Whitaker. Read this book and reflect.

Il Goal Setting rappresenta attualmente la struttura teorica che meglio riesce a sistematizzare quanto finora si è appreso in ambito motivazionale e cognitivista. Vediamo quali sono gli elementi caratterizzanti di questa complessa struttura teorica sviluppata da Locke, psicologo americano, sostenitore e fautore insieme a Latham appunto di questa teoria.

Setting SMART goals- also good for school counselling programs. A great starting point for anyone setting goals, no matter how old! Always a good idea to go back to basics, especially if we find our goals are getting too large and unattainable.

The 80/20 Rule: How Will You Spend Your Time? - Math Coach's Corner

The 80/20 Rule: How Will You Spend Your Time

I'd like to add "report card comments" to that list too. And Professional Development! teaching was generous! Just let me do my job!

Principal requiring you and your students to TRACK DATA??!! See how this teacher created and implemented student data binders for her students to track their OWN learning!!$

Need to check this out.This teacher describes her math data binders STEP by STEP with pictures included for easy step and use! Freebies included and math data binders for every grade!

Teacher-made lesson plan book--- I am making this!!! LOVE THIS WEBSITE!! it is a must for teachers!

good suggestions and tips for teachers: how to store construction paper, new student bags, bulletin board ideas and homemade lesson plan book

I Teach...What's Your Superpower Teacher Appreciation 16oz Personalized Acrylic Tumbler----sooooo cute!

I Teach.What's Your Superpower Teacher Appreciation Personalized Acrylic Tumbler----sooooo cute! ** Want this Tumbler!

I was playing around with the infographic and thinking about life. One thing that keeps coming up in conversations I have is about new teachers. A friend has a new teacher in her classroom doing hi...

Mentoring New Teachers

The handy infographic below shows tips for new teachers, mentors, and administrators to help all parties involved get the most out of seasoned teachers mentoring new ones.

Does your child know how to use a check book? Boil an egg? Do the laundry? Read a map? Homeschooler Christine Field helps parents systematically teach kids - from preschool to the teen years - what th

Life Skills for Kids: Equipping Your Child for the Real World (Paperback)

"Life Skills for Kids: Equipping Your Child for the Real World" by Christine Field -- really great read for parents! Even as a proactive parent, I've put into place many more things the kids need to learn since reading this.