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Hahahahaha I know exactly which episode every single one is from! :)

this might be my favorite quote from the show

@Corey Thompson -- best episode ever?

Lmfao I seriously remeberrrr this one he went to get tanned a hundred times bc he kept messing up!!!! Hahahaha

Hahahaha!! This is really the only 'keep calm' pic I've ever liked! Oh friends, it's always funny!

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This made me laugh so much

SO glad someone made this - whoever thinks that a guy worth marrying is someone who will pause a video game to text you bak you are either (a) a child (b) stupid (c) insecure (d) seriously have no self worth (e) all of the above.

I've made references to this episode before while moving or helping others move and no one knows what I am talking about! one of my favorite friends moments!