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Morning Mug is a coffee cup that’s heat activated, displaying a sleepy face when room temperature and slowly revealing a bright eyed bushy-tailed lil face when hot liquid is poured in. It represents the progression of the waking up process. $29

I want one of these mugs! Anything that just might make you smile as you drink your morning coffee is a very good thing. :: Wakey Wakey Eggs & Bakey: Morning Mug by Brittany High

Sweet Marshmallow Mugs Set at ShopPlasticland.com

Sweet Marshmallow mug set. This makes me, think of smores and of being warm and drinking hot coco on a cold day

Morning Mug is absolutely cute and a great gift idea!!!

Morning Mug

Morning Mug // perfect for sleepy Monday mornings - and so cute! this is awesome!

Astronomy coffee mug,  looks like something Josh would like!! @Ellie King

Constellation Mug for Stargazers I have a solar system mug in which I drink my coffee, but I’d love to have this one for tea. The constellations become visible when the cup is heated by a warm liquid.

This is great, to love and know you are loved.

"I love you." "I know" best coffee cups ever. Star Wars tea or coffee cups.

Mood Mug....the perfect gift for the work place. Haha, show your company how you feel about working there...y-a-w-n

Mood Mugs. then ppl would know whether or not to talk to me in the morning :P good funny idea

#Coffee is fuel for some and this mug will tell you exactly how much charge is left! ;)

Art. Lebedev Thermal Battery Mug

Battery image appears when you pour in hot liquid, levels go down as your hot drink goes down, might be the coolest coffee mug ever.makes a person feel like, they're in 'charge' .

13 ounce ceramic mug. Also available in black.

Give Me Coffee or Give Me Death Campfire Mug - White

clay whistle mouth - Google Search

Cookie monster coffee cup (but you can put milk in it) with slot for cookies! Such a cute idea for gifts!

Cookie Monster! | 13 Coffee Mugs that Will Make Your Morning Better

13 Coffee Mugs that Will Make Your Morning Better

Cookie Monster Coffee Mug Who better to join you for a delicious snack of cookies and milk than the Cookie Monster. The Cookie Monster coffee mug’s creative design lets you place a couple of cookies.