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  • Emma Carter-Brown

    BBC Approved Tardis color: Pantone 2955C I LOVE IT. - This is awesome because now I can actually use Tardis Blue!!

  • Katherine Mangione

    BBC approved Tardis blue. Pantone 2955C.

  • Keri M

    this is official Tardis blue color. The BBC approved Tardis blue is actually Pantone 2955C.

  • Chelsey Angelly

    "In case you were wondering, the BBC-approved Tardis blue is actually Pantone 2955C. You’re welcome." >>This information is going to be indispensable when I make my own Dr Who shower curtain.

  • Delia Mireles

    Pantone 2955C, the actual color of the BBC approved Tardis blue. (@Chila Young Woychik)

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