Pantone 2955C - BBC Approved "TARDIS" blue (yes, we Whovians really need to know these things!)

TARDIS (10th) Blue Colour Codes - Approved by BBC: Pantone: 2955C - Hex: #003B6F - RGB: 0,59,111 - CMYK: 100,55,10,48

TARDIS scale drawing. To build a Tardis, or not build a Tardis....


Just in case you were wondering how to get TARDIS blue.

don't blink


When Doctor Who meets Harry Potter: DIY Sonic Wand & TARDIS box

And he's wonderful.

Who even creates these keys? How does the Doctor find a locksmith who will make keys for his TARDIS?

... What just happened? xD

Facts are good.

BBC has announced that the official TARDIS blue is Pantone 2955C.

...because it's bigger on the inside.

TARDIS key tutorial...easy peasy...I want a key to the TARDIS on my keyring!

Neil Gaiman. In a TARDIS. Your argument is invalid.

Awesome TARDIS painting

TARDIS painting

Doctor Who: The Trip of a Lifetime [Series 1-6 Trailer] If this doesn’t convince you to watch Doctor Who, you are a hopeless case... To watch later

TARDIS measurements. I'm gonna need this someday.

TARDIS Vinyl Passport Cover.. PERFECT for travel :)