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Tom Hardy

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Tom Hardy. Dilema de poner esta en el board de "Want!" o si en el board de "Yum!"

Move over Joaquin, you have officially been replaced by my new fututre husband,Tom Hardy! Sorry babe, it was good while it lasted!

Oh my (insert 14 expletives here) God! I don't even have a coherent thought looking at this picture of Tom Hardy.

Tom Hardy.. Wow! Tattoo peek! Be still my thumping heart!

Tom Hardy is gigantic. His muscles, his height, his lips...everything about him is so thick. And yet he's a cuddly ol' teddy bear. Look at that face I could just squooshawoowoowittleboo. *ahem* no I did not just disintegrate into baby talk.

Someone told me the other day that they don't get why Tom Hardy is on my list. I should just keep this picture on hand just in case it happens again.

Tom Hardy...currently the actor/man I find most attractive. Way to go, Tom.